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Lake Meredith NRA -Texas

Lake Meredith National Recreation Area
Fritch, Texas

September 2017

Fritch Fortress Campground
Camping: Free
9 sites

Showers: Free
Excellent facility
Large room with shower area, toilet, sink, bench & hooks.
Push button shower, approximately 1 minute in length
Instant hot water, easily adjustable temperature control

The park has multiple campgrounds, all free, this is the only one with showers.

Within a 1/2 drive of US 60 and I-40, near Amarillo.
At the south end of the park, N of Amarillo, is Alibates Flint Quaries NM (

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Grand Canyon National Park – South Rim

Grand Canyon National Park – South Rim

August 2017

Camper Services
Laundry & Showers
Market Plaza Rd & Zuni Way
36 03 03
-112 07 20

The shower building is located near the Market Plaza area, right in front of Mather Campground. At the time of my visit the cost of a shower is $2.00 in quarters for 8 minutes. The water was hot immediately and easily adjusted throughout the shower. The stalls are narrow, but a bench and a couple of hooks are outside the shower stall with a curtain.

The showers are closed several times a day for cleaning. Below are the current times for cleaning. WiFi (no fee) is available at this building, best reception is at the back of the laundry area in a sitting area.

Outside the laundry/shower area are porches on either side with chairs, picnic tables and electrical outlets for charging devices. And when you are done – enjoy the views!

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Joshua Tree National Park – California

February 27, 2016

Joshua Tree, CA
Across the street from the Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Center

Joshua Tree National Park Store (private gift shop)

Pay inside gift shop
$4 for 7-1/2 minutes

Nice private shower room behind the store with a sink, toilet and shower stall with lots of hooks.
Lots of hot water and strong water pressure.

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Indian Flats RV Park – California


Indian Flats RV Park
West of El Portal, CA

While on our way to Yosemite National Park in March 2015 we stayed at Indian Flats RV Parl, just west of El Portal. Our campsite was very nice, grassy and plenty of shade. Within the park ewer showers were separate fro the restrooms. Just outside was a nice sink area for dish washing.

This park allows non-campers to use the showers, or as I call it, drive-by showers. Their fee is very reasonable.

$3 for non-campers
Stalls are small and no bench in changing area
Shower head is tall and plenty of hot water.

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Death Valley National Park -California

Death Valley National Park

Stovepipe Wells, CA
Furnace Creek, CA
Death Valley National Park is a spectacular place to visit – in the cooler months. From November into April there is so much to experience by vehicle, bicycle or by foot. There are several campgrounds throughout the park, none of them have showers within the campgrounds. 
Lodging within the park is provided through a contract with Xanterra, Inc. At both Furnace Creek and Stovepipe Wells pools with showers in the changing rooms are available for campers to use. Check in at the Registration area for either location and pay the fee, towels are provided. The fee also allows you to use the pool.
I have used the showers at both locations. I prefer Stovepipe Wells, it is $1 less and parking is more convenient. At both locations the showers provide plenty of hot water.

Stovepipe Wells 
$4 per person includes towel and pool use
Pool changing area. Great water control, plenty of hot
Nice changing area, separate from the shower stall
Parking at the pool

Furnace Creek 
$5 per per person, includes towel and pool use
Pool changing area. Great water control, plenty of hot
Nice changing area, separate from the shower stall
Parking near Registration, about 2 blocks from the pool

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Anza-Borrego Desert State Park – California


Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
Borrego Springs, CA

A favorite place to camp during the cooler months, especially in the Spring when the multitude of flowers are blooming. Even during the cooler months a shower is appreciated. As a California state park the showers use the state park tokens. Tokens are for sale at a machine near the entrance booth to the campground.

The entrance station is for the campground and trailheads in this area, Palm Canyon, as well as others. The day entrance fee was $6 when we visited in March 2015, no additional fee for campers.

$1 token = 3 minutes or $5 = 10 tokens.

Private stalls, but water never got really hot. Adequate space for changing, but not great.


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Oregon State Parks

Oregon State Parks campgrounds

Cost: $2
Location: All over the State of Oregon

This is my first trip back to Oregon since writing Road Showers. We have camped all over Oregon, at state, federal, county and private sites. On this trip while camped at LaPine State Park, in Central Oregon, near Bend, we noticed that non-campers could pay $2 for a shower. The sign on the shower room door indicated that you complete a self-pay registration envelope and put it in the ‘iron ranger’ at the kiosk.

While camped at Aimsworth State Park, east of Portland, along the Columbia River, the same information was posted.

While camping at a federal site with no showers along the Oregon coast, near Florence, we decided to try it out. We drove into Carl Washburne State Park, along US 101 and were met by a campground host at the kiosk. We saw the $2 shower listed and inquired. He told us to fill out the self-pay envelope and drive into the campground to the restrooms.

There is no additional fee for entering the park, at least at these 3 sites. It appears that state parks with campgrounds do not have day use fee.

Each park has had the exact same set-up, with restrooms in a separate area from the showers, but the same building. Each stall has a dressing area with a stool, shelf and one hook. You step into the tiled shower stall, no curtain, and either turn a knob or push a button for water that is temperature pre-mixed. All 3 showers have been plenty warm, at times hot. The pressure did not fluctuate.

Great showers -all over the state!

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Dinosaur National Monument


This is a favorite National park site with a variety of campgrounds. The main campground is Green River, with approximately 50 sites. It is listed as having 83 sites, however the aging cottonwood trees are collapsing, so a number of campsites have been closed due to hazardous conditions. It is open from April to October. Another campground, Split Mountain, at the main area has free camping from November to May when all the other NPS campgrounds are closed for the winter.
I have camped here when it has been 100 degrees. So having access to a shower is much appreciated!

Cost: $3.00 plus quarters
Location: Jensen, UT
Outlaw Trails RV Park, US 40
435 781-6000

I did not use these showers, but was told by park personnel that they allowed non-campers to use their facilities. I stopped by, about 4 PM, and no one was in the office. Posted next to the office door was a sign giving the price of a shower for non-campers.

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Jordanelle Reservoir State Park

Jordanelle Reservoir State Park-Hailstone

Day Use fee: $10, $5 for Senior rate
Camping fee: $20 with electric and water, $16 tent site
There are also cabins to rent.

Location: north of Heber City, UT on US 40

Date of visit: September 23, 2013

This state park is located just south of Park City, about a15 minute drive and the same distance from Heber City. There are numerous Forest Service campgrounds and unlimited recreation opportunities surrounding this park. After enjoying the outdoors a shower might be needed.

Enclosed showers
Within the camper loop each Camper Services building has restrooms and individual (unisex) shower rooms, 5 each. It appears that one of the buildings you can access as a no -camper. After passing the entrance station turn right at the RV/ Tent campsite sign and park at the first Camper Services building on the left (right next to the dumpsters)

Outdoor showers
If it is hot enough or you aren’t allowed into that first Camper Service building there are showers at the Marina and picnic areas. They are on the back side of the restrooms. Same shower heads as the enclosed, just outdoors. So put on a swimsuit and soap up!

All showers are push button, no water temperature controlled. The enclosed showers have changing area with a couple of hooks and small bench divided from the shower stall.


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Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles Campground

National Park Entrance Fee – $5 per carload

This 100 year-old site was changed from a national monument to national park in 2013. The campground in years past had been privately owned and just outside the monument boundaries. It is now within the park boundaries. They do honor the Golden Age and other passes which provide camping discounts.

The campground also has electric hook-ups as well as non-electric, or tent sites which RV units can use. Great wildlife, especially during the week when it is not too busy.

Behind the Visitor Center and store is the shower house, adjoining a swimming pool. The pool is available only to campers at no charge.

Shower information:
50 cents for 3 minutes. Can put multiply coins in to get extended time.
2 stalls for each gender. This could be a problem depending on when you want to take a shower. During the week there was a large youth group camping there. It appeared the showers were very busy in the late afternoon. I had no problem in the late morning hours during the week.

The stalls are very basic. No shelf or ledge in the shower.
No temperature control for the water. The water temperature was adequate.
The changing area has 1 hook and no bench. There is mesh matting in both areas. Outside the stalls is a bench and multiple hooks.



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